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My name is Kyle Miller and I have been interested in science and engineering all my life. I have a interests and background in electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, physics, software and mathematics.

For my day job, I work as a consultant engineer for Zuken in Bristol in the U.K. I also run a business called Dragon's fire where I mostly write apps for Android and do other contract work (both software and hardware) for companies in the U.K.

I like being at the forefront of technology and am often an 'early adopter' for new tech. I have funded a number of Kickstarter software and hardware projects that I think are worthwhile. I love engineering, in all forms. As part of my job, I travel to conferences and exhibitions and am always fascinated to see the new products and processes that people around the world are developing.

This website is just my way of recording the work I have done and letting other people see it, just in case it is useful.

If you have any questions or any engineering projects you would like me to quote for, please use the contact form.

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